About Us

Achieve, Lead, and Grow Together

Our Vision for Tilden Middle School students is to achieve the highest levels of academic growth, be well rounded in their interests and abilities, and recognized in the community for outstanding leadership.

As we work to achieve, lead and grow together, we expect our students, faculty and staff, parents, and community to hold us accountable for living up to these truths:

We are Accomplished.
We are Innovative.
We are Engaged.
We are College Bound.


1. We are Accomplished

TEACHERS at Tilden Middle School expect parents and student to hold them accountable to the highest professional standards.  We expect our teachers to be experts in their subjects, and innovative in their teaching.  Our teachers model the collaborative and enthusiastic 21st Century approach to learning that they expect from their students.

Our teachers will demonstrate:

  • leadership when they show their commitment to our vision for personalized learning.
  • perseverance when they dig deep into student achievement data to find the individual needs and accomplishments of their students.
  • integrity when they hold their students accountable to the highest standards of academic excellence.
  • curiosity when they engage students through the integration of relevant, real world activities in whole class, small group, one-on-one and computer-based independent learning.
  • kindness when they create safe and nurturing environments for learning.

2. We are Innovative

Why We Use Blended Learning at Tilden:

Blended learning enhances student understanding by combining traditional face-to-face instruction methods with technology-based instruction, applications and assessments.  This innovating teaching model engages today’s digital-age students while expanding teachers’ abilities to adjust curriculum and support individual student learning needs.  Blended learning personalizes the classroom experience for students by catering to students’ unique learning styles, which helps  to reduce inequities and close achievement gaps.

3. We are Engaged

At Tilden, we believe that family and community engagement is an essential component of success at school.  Our redesign initiative offers us the resources and supports we need to further increase the realm of opportunities for Tilden students to build relationships among each other, their families, school leaders and community partners.

Our Enrichments

  • Tilden is offering a wide range of enrichment activities during the extended learning time after school through a 21st Century Grant with Philadelphia HealthCare Management Corporation.
  • Carson Valley provides School Based Therapeutic Support during the school day to students in needs of counseling and behavior support.
  • Empowered CDC is helping Tilden establish a parent resource center where families can access jobs search support, GED programs, English Language Learning classes and more.
  • Concerned Black Men, Tilden Divas, and our very own performing arts teacher, Ms. Abrams provide meaningful experiences for students to develop their creative talents and leadership skills.
  • Parent Cafe with Turning Points, where parents and community stakeholders can come together and plan for the betterment of our students, community and world.

4. We are College Bound

Curriculum at Tilden will focus on High Achievement for Every Student Through:

  • Challenging, standards based curriculum and coursework
  • Personalized learning for every child
  • Literacy and math interventions for learners who need extra support
  • Enrichment courses for all “learnings”

We Emphasize Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills Through:

  • Project-based learning and inquiry
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Individualized learning management system to monitor student progress and accomplishment
    Multiple measures of learning.